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Antidaephobia (Dream Machine 2014)

   Written down and produced by Rick Coenen (or Natrion the project) whom consciously starts to pressing his own imagination over the making of music which for now further deeper exploring the universal musical subgenre in particular thinking outside the box as creating a renewal kinds around distorted experimentalism beats across the atmosphere through define darker style of a non-simple horrification must be liked by the audience with deranged taste of irregular for having Natrion’s Corrupted Breakcore onto Drum N’ Bass and Dubstep freestyle adding by Electronic-ambient and soundcapes onto those four listing songs that has been written among the haunting skeleton figure and wings of lights singing for Butterfly Chemotherapy bursting Immortality on about three minutes and thirty-nine seconds or even thus four minutes and twenty-two seconds of the intense beats of scary thoughts or themes in an often sorrow in electric future doubt over sci-fi fake stories.

Butterfly Chemotherapy: