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Altitude Call (Gotham Records 2001)

   Grungy Alternative solid tempos overture onto your favorite ensemble of simplicity meets great variants of distortions from the group named The Booda Velvets whose layered their soundscapes blends over lush dynamic explorer, emotionally changed perfoemance onto dreamy or serene crafting songs as lead singer Dan Cromie ends the painting of broad spectrum placing Folk and Punk to New Wave and Pop melodic like the positive version for the answers to STP or Alice In Chain for examples with enthusiastic journey countless features by bassist Jamie Balling, drummer Jonathan Yang and guitarist Adam Wolfe Lerner critically acclaimed even with their status as a lesser known. Either goes rocking or puts on the ballads and some slow romantic tunes there Headrush would be still your favorite record selling its track-listing for Sleepless, Cassius Clay, Everything Goes Away, Bluer Than Blue, Solitaire, Waiting, Staring At The Sun or Salome’s Wish – eventually, helping you to getting there by time not really damn late and not too impatiently, arrived too soon.