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…Als Ich Starb (Steinklang Industries 2006)

   Kelheim, Germany’s horrific tension and tempos humming or moaning onto the terror softer and slower sounds of mystique and mysteries made from the creation real name person – Reinhard Hopfe; within his living in many aliases alike Radiophare, Indigo Larvae to Tragedy V.A reading the unknown book of spells and occults beliefs mixed in the branding seasoned Electronic Industrial even Dark Ambient Noise or Death Rock drilling disturbance limited to this Stahlwerk 9’s seventh recording LP for three-hundred thirty-three copies which entitled – Der Tod Nagelt Die Augen Zu… (Death Spikes Eyes To) blowing the threatening forged noise sounds through Nicht Kalte Mehr, Jenseits – Himmel, Wohin Die Pferde Ziehn and one and more audiences knew how much the bleeding moments torturing the broken ribs, the bleeding floor and the lost children unnamed forever lost from their beloved ones visions.