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Alone Sleeping (Self-Released 2012)

   Well-crafted rhythms and ferocious collective on punches as shared respects on lyrics tales and antidote results from introspective melodies far more passionate like an endless movement for Lo-Fi/Indie-Pop reclaims as honesty abilities or fearless plight efforts on making good music that catches their listeners interests and meet the attentions of even stingy media of music to paying more towards them; the Boston’s The Field Effect regular sounds of moderate Grunge-Pop tunes taken from the late nineties era for the US Midwest territory formats did pretty much to themselves as winning over the Boston Music Awards for song of the year and being not naughty for established the band as a quartet consisting for Adam J Hand (drums), Annie Hoffman (bass), Nick Grieco on guitar and Doug Orey (vocals/guitars) spiking their excellent local independent as the words written by Doug and the rest of the works finished by the band themselves over these five piece tracks around the funny moments and awkward situations inside This EP Will Self-Destruct listing songs in Kurt Vonnegut, One F to Annapolis that releasing balladry and strings arrangements by The Field Effects perfectly onto this mini recording sessions with eerie cover arts photo.