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Alone And Forsaken (Not On Label 2018)

   These Psychedelic Southern Gothic plus Doom Metal mixtures of cross-over sounds onto Stoner/Sludge/country and murder ballads as well as Pink Floyd multiply Hank Williams influences makes the tight entirely marks deeper for the quartet of Chi Lameo (singing/guitars/synths), Chris West (drums, singing, piano) to G. Day (guitars, effects and singing) with Jeesus Jones (bass guitar) unites as Spider Kitten (what an adorable cutey name) but their music is really far from contemporary as the depressive distorts leaning the Prog-Rock intentions for more jamming and longer duration did works on some tracks alike the ten minutes and five seconds Martyr’s Breath or A Glorious Retreat for about eleven minutes and thirty-three seconds as malevolence for the group to kidnapping their target man using the rover before going the long roads into a remote place tied up the person and buried him shallow and suffocates. 

Whatever you do don’t ignoring these South Wales crew on their recording E.P of Concise & Sinister playing dirty modern cowboy hats wearing bastards with ritualistic occult agenda and sharp-shooting range targeting you. 

Concise & Sinister: