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All Hail The Un2 (Digital World Audio 2015)

Second releasing albums for the members of this epic oriental and mysterious project group of Ruinizer blending their minded Industrial meets Techno and world music atmosphere as Dayve Yates, Jay Ruin, Rich Brookes and Seamus Bradd consolidate themselves onto kinds of machinery mutual relationships within mankind as EBM to Dubstep and Industrial blasting hard in standard modes on for Decimation In H.D. which carrying the essential mutations of the modern society under the ruling laws of technology happens unnoticed but too damn late for regrets but go on in newer malfunction tracks writing and bursts explosions of sounds forbid humans to becoming themselves again but the commanding obedience onto Doomsday Device, Devilution, An Army Of Ruin, Mechanichrist, The Face of Chaos, Subhuman to Somewhere Between God and Machine lies the entire adventure into sound of mind-blasts for The Horror and Fukdat – would terrorizing the house for couple moments and the crushing annihilated  replays will immensely scream bleeding by the ears.

Decimation In H.D (EP):