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Alien Ankh (Independent 2013)

   Deep-darker and sounded gloomy like the dying breed of Goth-Rock that influenced heavily by the presence of Deftones, Marilyn Manson and KoRn as writing down the sexy-tinged darkened girls of Tennessee’s whose anti-bars and chains to be totally, free on thoughts and at last is JEssi Wade plus Tiffany Nicole moving their arousing asses to Bushwick, NYC as this project of Electro-Goth-Industrial was born as these partners claiming themselves belongs to the Nu-Metal scenery as priestesses of mighty worshipers of Kali goddess off the remote south reflecting thus Riotgrrrls movement by sounds but mixing it through the blending on Hip-Hop, Hardcore and breakdowns creative Cyberpunk on bending the border between genres as citing as well that Babes in Toyland, Tori Amos and Aaliyah as also their greater influences. Screaming tension raging female intuitions of Supermodel Terrorist or A.D.I.D.A.S or Goatse really picturing these women as your ultimate Dark Sister releasing their Darkest Lipstick (In The Drugstore) for a very very sensually, underground make-out by the threesome licks under thus scary hot Industrial-Goth Pop essence. 

Darkest Lipstick (In The Drugstore):