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Alarm Soulless 3-2-1 (Mas-Kina Recordings2012)

   Even that they’re looking not really closer enough to be called Extreme Death Metal/Grindcore but more fashionably looked alike some Alternative Indie-Pop rockers then, the truth as it reveals really devastating you and the rest of the listeners out of the filthy bar room. The brutal semi-metallic Hardcore and total chaos in Oslo, Norway’s style grinds the melodies deeper six feet under as Christian “Bartender” drumming, Tommy and Martin six-strings shredding bastard riffs or Mika bass-bashed and vocal growling maniac Anders brings Beaten To Death onto a higher level of opportunity healthy people crushing mixed double pedals destruction, killer gigs and mass-slamming to consumption of souls of spectators to thus kiddie grinder or pedophile collector’s anti-issues hatred them or supporting the axis of evil while writing the tracks of socio-politic and daily problems via on Running, Pointless Testament, Winston Churchill, Vinni Butterfly, Krepsekamp, A Word to The Wise, Groundhog Day as well as Xes and Strokes or even the closing weird title-song Erik Og Skerik. Photographing a little girl At Rockefeller wearing Cat Olympics shirt and glittering world around her suddenly turns darker and winding since that embarrassing moments with her daddy’s friend lap-dancing over Grindcore !

At Rockefeller: