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Airplanes (Egohunter Recordings 2015)

   Brotherhood in high levels of Rave music force to beating out of Trance in the starting of the beginning of the mayan calendar makes the leading roles of session duet within their perfect harmony as channeling endless connection over spirituals to Organic Twilight Ambient/Dark-wave Electro or sound of Psychedelic mixtures for Yaniv Katzav and Udi Sternberg pledging into their raw clearance onto faster version of EDM/Chill-Out and mostly, Trance-Rave bridging relations known as the Bio Babas project letting this EP of Channeling Spirits connects the audiences of many spectacles and places moving within the time scan or thus speeding of lights as depends; the jews advisory works of DJ and trax-ing ceremony from the evening to the early afternoon and infinite in-between buster branding demands attempts praised by spectators and listeners around them need to be pleased hundred times again thru this type of tempos outbursts. Nice cover artworks as well as the bashing train loudest beating tracks of Ride The Himalayas and Wolves prevails along eight minutes more to seven something in energetic durations.

Herzliya, Israel – Boker Tov !!! 

Channeling Spirits E.P: