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Aebus Albopictus (SoundOut Recordings 2017)

   Improvisations ranging and ensemble of collective made through this collaborations between Psithurism Trio: Rhys Butler (alto saxophone), Richard Johnson (soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, bird calls, prepared drum mute) and John Porter (tenor saxophone) with Xavier Charles on clarinet – together grows an interesting views to exploring Experimental minimalist Jazz tunes and maximalist blows one as mutual approaches in this intersubjective astounding multilayered complex solos and techniques echoed surrounding the listener ears and audience taken to a smaller world of Panus Lecomtei in nineteen minutes and seven seconds journey of tinged sounds with tilt of reflections like ray-lights giving music to natural world as gifts everyday and Mycena Interrupta over five minutes and thirty-eight seconds might surprising our senses as microscopic beings and Lure album recording project introducing the non-familiar names of Psithurism Trio with Xavier Charles as an internationally Free-Jazz art-sounds or field recording examples as develops in annual and needed the Jazz lovers to checking them out as well.

   Life of its own – either plants of animals in one cell or more trusting the elements of mother nature will taking care of them regularly, balance where the surviving strong will be the only one finishing their Ameboid lives to be turned out as higher supreme beings as the beginning of rising modern men came with the extinction and on and on …