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15 Minutes More (Blue Boat 2007)

   Symbolic of metaphors and Sinatra-vibes that meets the eyes is in his universe and the magician writer of music or songs of the small planet breaking Folk boundaries or love everyday and wonder places made facts for life itself as he quitting jobs and dedicated his time writing/recording for his breath-taking, inspiring to soul-spinning over Novelties picturing thus funny robot-couple as one looks worried while the other seems to be tougher in front of white fence and flower and the green grass while us listening to the Pop-acoustic and Country-Folk results as fine and shine like the season these days perhaps, signing the great summer to the good crops harvest at the end of the months before winter for the farming houses and rural area easy going lives after Driving with My Knee, Snuffleupagus, Stanley, Dorothy’s Pie and Harry The Pharaoh that saying the fact about Nobody Knows I’m Famous felt like we’ve been taken by a silent tornado to Oz where the little girl lost her way but got helps from her newest odd-friends adventure kinds of and this time it’s slowly joyful !