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1,000 Questions (Not On Label 2018)

   Brillian Seattle-sound originals releasing through this excellent music package from the quartet of Hard Rock plus Bluesy Rock and Classic Rock loving Grunge to popularized thus extra female led-band formations on Angela Hammontree for vocals, additional guitar to bassist Kevin Lynch, Doug Samm for electric/acoustic guitars, midi strings and piano or Rico Ybarra behind the drums did their high techniques of serious standard sounds product as Washington’s Observer Effect releasing self-titled EP. Four tracks and you will loving them all written and arranged dearly, rocking perfect and simple as The Good Life, Gripping The Wheel and Alien rest your cases for looking on indie rock harder tunes to added as favorite this weekend and Observer Effect quartet got the honor for that now ! Mastered by Levi Seitz found precious diamond over the blurred scene.

Observer Effect: