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07:41 (Independent 2018)

One-man metallic extreme project band written down his when you’re not comply nor complains for Atmospheric Black Metal with harmonies and great instrumental epic sounds recording made somewhere around Koryazhma, Arkhangelsk Oblast activates the meaningful deep thoughts stories about sickness, gore, death and madness brought us the magical momentum related in touches by the glowing lights of the moon goddess shining upon the tree-branches returning to living creature while the night coming down inside the dark forest where nobody really doubt themselves to crossing the resolver of North Black’s Tarer Av Skogen. 

Over both musical with spoken words and vocals onto thus instrumental versions written under Scandinavian heritage old ancient and new language titles such as Visjoner Av Arten (Vision of The Species), I Deg Hele Naturen (feat. Existenz Dizaster), Beror Uten Strom as Synth music and keyboards seems to dominates the releasing with more harmonic of dense European pagan tribes dwelling roots showing around this project music sounds within thus Instrumental Synth Version and bonuses being marketed and mastering as lyrics or all music performed by North Black himself using spells of the elder past. 

Tarer Av Skogen: