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05:18 (Self-Released 2012)

   Old-School beats triumph towards the early eighties and late time for that era not going to erased Electronic Dark Ambient and Dream-Wave or film-scoring Electro sounds robotic as your mysterious Secret Admirer brought to Collins interests to displaying there for public whom might having many experiences about this insane stalkers turning serial killers in the end or just making your months miserable like kinship with old ghosts as the geek weirdo cutting the news or pictures or just creating the threat mails and sending them to your address to scares you up – asking the similar questions of the mysterious identity or entity that attacks you once. 

Listening to the four minutes and fifty-five seconds Loverboy and the next and pretending that everything is going to be alright but it doesn’t … 

One surely, love to hates seeing famous people but when becoming one too – learn that their lives aren’t that easy as well.

Secret Admirer: