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04:24 Mirrors (Not On Label 2015)


   Standing alone not really reflecting yourself whether beauty praises and worshiping onto your presence but the living artworks that drawing yourself in The Art Of Living album leads thus Operatic Melodic Metal bashing in speed or power performance directly, classics like the closest cousins from the north of Europe – these Israel musicians of Heavy Metal group Sensorium founded and consisting of Sasha Korg the keyboardist, lead guitarist Michael Timoshiko and their creating commodities on combinations for hard melodic contrasts as riff-age rules and massive intense drumming parts as well as lead female vocals in harmonically displays from Ksenia Glonty or Yosef Bartov and orchestrations arranged by Erez Yohanan to Alexander Piyavski designing the greater marks over the sacred night skies and opening air to breathe as your picking tracks around thus thirteen materials from the intro, Consumed, Haunting Verity, Surreal Nightmare, Moments Of Hope, People of The Midnight Lands, Winter Death, End Of The World as well as Illusion or Leviathan embarking the wider themes to share by Sensorium not really needs to finishing the painting to sparks the wiser tales to more audience seeing them via music not the country religious-background.

The Art Of Living: