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03:50 (Not On Label 2017)

   Crystal Macrocosm would be the first extended play recording being operates through the releasing plans for collectively, tells us about the existence of alien beings under the commanding vision from Emil O – the mastermind of Sxxxter (project). The amusing visionary tales from the universal lapse of globetrotter missions off the community of nine against those reptoids shall be re-shaped here once again via Trance/ Synth-Wave and Dark-Wave tunes of three displaying within the ep products and digitalized beats of non-stop monotonous to your head like Black Knight lurking like the real satellite monitoring the planet earth since hundred years ago floating like dark matters up there or Xenomorph which probably, closer to show the real figures that given threats to humanity now and then among us. 

The fifth elements world must twisting its knobs for uplifting super funky balance on the atmosphere with the right messages from our savior supremes. 

Crystal Macrocosm: