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03:27 (Self-Released 2018)

   Fusion of beats and modern relating Electronic by dystopian soundtrack themes in order to outrun the Synth-Pop based from the 80’s Electro musical and Progressive production and artwork making by the Finland artist – teaching us on the lasted time flavors on the distant future places named Octoparis where the living and the dead are truly long gone forgotten but deranged rules by evil program of A.I as global network controls the computer for decades until Ferus Melek arise from his shadowy temple-lair below the clouds to spreading this magical engage of melodies in showcase within the genre spins repeated as guaranteed shall making you admitted that this album – telling us about the last of soul-survivor on Decay Of The Mainframe for every pre-apocalyptic story and images to stop moving as this recording plays the Lonely Circuit, Dune Riders or Brute Force that do nothing but floats as the instrumental themed tracks hardly, given the glad clues where the extinction mankind gone ashtray and the left behind for the planet would be these smart mechanical minds and one figure arming himself with Synth-Wave and Dark-Electro as unique and powerful to catch as it walks fast enough to the opening of valhala. 

Decay Of The Mainframe: