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Geography Identity (Twentieth Century Fox 2017)

The famous based story-telling about puzzled case of Agatha Christie’s greatest Belgian detective of all time Hercule Poirot on his elegant train journey to England that suddenly, stops by the heavy avalanche and the mysterious interruption for Murder On The Oriental Express which departed from Istanbul to Eastern Europe following the invitation to him by old manager friend of Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits where a dirty American business man Samuel Ratchett is later being stabs multiple times by a seemed to be a psychotic maniac killer in his room after being told Poirot about his stories and many enemies threatening him while trying to hire the greatest detective to guard him. The refusal, the strange information to gain from many suspected passengers like the evangelist woman, Princess Dragomiroff, Ratchett’s advisor and assistant or a black doctor, the pretty young teacher as well as a slutty mature woman or the dancer couple and even the cabin master. Dozen times horrible murderer and complicated evidences gathered little by little by our smart visionary Hercule Poirot played by the director of this movie himself – Kenneth Branagh until he discovering some lies and facts behind the related personalities whose departing on the exact same train through the icy railway and the dark plan reveals after Poirot one at the time opens the fake stories hiding by thus individuals about not knowing who Ratchett alias the mobster Cassetti did to their beloved little daughter, loveable ones, friends and parents, kindness leader and other connections goes out to solving the murder as the revenge from Armstrong and Arden’s family that you might not predicted before as this film fills within so many possibilities artistically, thrilling, raising curiosity and keep everyone to finish the tales by the end. Patrick Doyle’s Original Motion Picture Soundtrack composes in orchestra instrumentals marks beautifully, magnificent to carried the plots and characters develops as you also confusing to catch up Poirot pace of thinking ways as The Wailing Wall, Jaffa to Stamboul, Arrival, Touch Nothing Else, MacQueen onto The Armstrong Case; Mrs. Hubbard, This is True, Keep Everyone Inside or Confession and Ma Katherine in the finale moment surprising the entire passengers for Hercule Poirot calling this Justice prevails for those whom seeking for peace after doing kindness without exposing further more about the characters or personality of every single one of them among the shoot challenge, the real conclusion as complex theory with last words from him to Beograd police that the real killer must be running away quickly after doing his job; ending his investigation on this unique case of a murder up on the railway travel. Disembarks himself for another British army investigating asks frequently sending our great detective once again to the Nile river of Egypt for different criminal case.


Trumpets Of Heaven (Lakeshore 2017)


The life of former boxer turning to work his ass up for the drug boss Gil as for Bradley Thomas – a mule he is laid off jobs from an auto-repair shop being not so really happy enjoying lives with cheating wife with her lovebite neck talking on the cell-phone to someone else as she admitted before furious tall and muscled-up husband Bradley shouting her to go inside and wait there while he destroying the family car bare-handed like a mad bull and then, after he satisfied – he enters the house and discussing their relationship and forgiving Lauren whim later getting pregnant but relocated to a bigger house as more money came from Bradley’s drug-mule jobs as his boss introduced him to new business associate with new task.

The off-coast sailing and package pick-ups ended a disaster as Bradley whom did not trusting the other two crew for the project of crystal meth walks into a trap by the police as the drug that supposed to be thrown back into the water kept by the gang members whom died in a shoot-out with the police as Bradley goes to custody and being sentenced to medium-security prison for seven years. Eleazar kidnapped Lauren and ordering Bradley via a messenger to kill Christopher Bridge in Redleaf correctional facility maximum security or his unborn child will be removed by surgery abortionist Korean doctor as Bradley accepts it. Brawl in Cell Block 99 telling us about how hard the unlucky lives soon turning success but with easy money comes not just bigger responsibility but also danger-zone and Vince Vaughn did his role great for strongly fought the painful punishments, electric shock push button to the picking fight in close combat with multiple warden led by Tuggs as Bradley was put inside a terrible cell, clogged with feces sleeping on the floor-moments; breaking a guard’s arm to gang tortures – manage by our big man to survived himself inside. 
Original motion picture soundtrack by various artists recording most from Classic Funk/Soul and Rn’B music sounds track-listing as This Lovely Park (Adi Armour), God Bless My Mama from The O’Jays/Eddie Levert/Walter Williams onto Buddy’s Business or Butch Tavares’ You Are Yesterday and Give Her a Ride means that there’s no such things as soft character here on this movie about real life as emotions and strength should showing in a right place or else you will be ended up a dead body. Ambush his torturers as well as working his clever plan by placed rubber between his body and electric belt for preventing shocks resulting him to move freely and kills the guards as well confronts Eleazar as brutally kills thus three henchmen towards hand-in-hand combat before torturing back Eleazar – breaking his leg and calls for negotiating releasing of Lauren. 
As successfully makes the abortionist following Eleazar instructions and unharmed drove Lauren home but back to the prison Cell 99; Bradley surrounded by the wardens but threatening them with hostages before dragging Eleazar to the squat hole and stomps him until his head decapitated and Warden Tuggs and his men shoot Bradley three times in the chest and double tap his head as the man’s body fell to the floor. 


Shelf Rebalance (Columbia Pictures 2011)

   World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles or internationally, known as Battle: Los Angeles isn’t truly a modern day science fiction movie that military wants to hide the truth behind the real story about but for this one directed by Jonathan Liebesman sets the role-play by Aaron Eckhart whose already a retired marine staff sergeant must going to fulfill his call of duty again leading the US Marines platoon facing the sudden threats on global alien invasion which striking the coast of Los Angeles. The meteors that hits coastal area in major cities resulting the same strong movements from the unknown troops of extra-terrestrial from outer space slaughtering and devastating humanity and their civilizations including the buildings, economy, safety and more demolished aspects as suffering casualties in multiple attacks from the ground and sky by the alien frightened armies devastating Los Angeles fought back by brave young marines points by points as staff sergeant Michael Nantz must bring his 2nd battalion 5th marines to regroups as they’re having mission on recon or saving anyone whose still alive or sheltering somewhere in the middle of this chaotic smoking fiasco demise blocks after blocks but successfully, finding civilians like veterinarian Michele, Hector Rincon, Kristen, Amy and Hector’s father Joe and intelligence tech sergeant Elena Santos inside the police station. 
Helicopter rescue teams arrived to take the survivors and the wounded soldiers before being blast out of the sky by some alien spaceships leaving the rest to abandon the shelter house after killing some aliens and vivisect one to reveals their weak spot. 
Abandoned town bus evacuation turning worse as UFO drones and aircraft tracking down victims through radio transmission and on their way out the marines group facing the troops send by alien central command center somewhere to wiping them out but heavy fighting and explosions killed some marines including the national guards in order to eradicate humans and colonizing the planet but the brave marines stopping them for a while on 1-10 freeway battle. 
   Brian Tyler’s original soundtrack composition written orchestral tracks on instrumental music scoring means a lot connection for thus epic moments and actions lead by the marine braves against any threats from abroad, domestic and outer space that you can counting on through Arrival, For Home Country and Family, Redemption, War Hymn, To Hell and Back, Mobilized and Evac or Casualty of War as Staff Sergeant Nantz later commanding his battalion as well comforting Hector when his father died in their arms sacrificing himself to help them escapes; reaching the next extraction point by helicopter as Nantz theorized about hovering occupied locations relays by the radio energy to retracing the drone’s signals that may leads them to find the alien commanding center and disable them. 
The underground search and missile requests directs using laser designated and defenders shoot-outs breaks with the alien troops on daylight before success destroyed of command module makes alien ground force retreats as uncontrolled drones, spaceships crashed to earth. With the rest tired and wounded but still fully spirits to fight with the other battalions deeper inside Battle: Los Angeles solemnly swear by the remaining marines Imlay, Lockett, Harris and Adukwu from their temporary Mojave desert base with staff sergeant Nantz to be re-assembled before joining other marines on retaking the city in the biggest military operation in human history – with the hope of winning for there’s be tomorrow for us …


The Sacrifice Sayonara (Lakeshore Records 2008)

   Discovering the ability for being born as Jumper – David Rice can manage himself “jumping” time and space dimension to many places just as he thinking about but needs to control the learning more as he leaves Ann Arbor leaving his abusive father and girl-crush Millie until the adult years of him lavish on stole money from every targets he wants but one day Roland Cox the member of Paladins (secret society of religious fanatics) trying to capture David with electric cables as he and the team tracking down other jumpers and eliminate them as the blasphemous omnipresence. Returning back to Ann Arbor finding his girl Millie, caging the bully from their children past into bank’s vault before taking Millie to Rome as Roland discovering the story to learn more about David’s real identity. Jumper original motion picture soundtrack marked these twenty-one songs composed beautifully in suspense to threatening to excitement by John Powell starring the main character role by Hayden Christensen for telling the scenes via Splash, Bridges Rules Banking, Roland Snoops, You Hear Me Laughing onto Coliseum Tour and Echo of Mom promised the experience that the audience should gets while watching this sci-fi actions.
   A group of Paladins appear to captured David while another Jumper Griffin shows up helping him but this guy got his own plan for the payback against thus fanatics as they’re goes to Griffin hideout only to finding facts that Griffin kills and tracked more Paladins when they’re using a machine to open the jump-scar as Roland manage to kidnapping Millie, using David apartment to trap him where later David found out about his mom also a paladin as quickly, the bomb plans and the cables trapping device linking the space around David entrapped him out, mustering the strength but David giving everything he got to teleport the entire room inside the river before saving Millie and thrown Roland in the middle of nowhere outside the caves of Horseshoe Bend. Reunite with his mother and sister; David choose to jumps with Millie where nobody knowing their destine direction then. 


Ode To Wiseau (Self-Released 2018)

Alternative Punk-Pop and Grunge tinged girls in a band are Anna Marie Rooney, Andrea Mocanu, Laura Drennan and Leah O’Donnell feeling lucky or free on supporting their local recent music scene for Limerick, Ireland like being not ignoring said that they’re might sounding like simplicity of The Cranberries decided to change the name as well as the music ridge over slower magnetic tunes of harmonies to the more punkish popular but quite rebellious and fresh in the making on this Buz Buzz recording from Powpig quartet of cutey young girls as recorded by Dominic Chappelle and mastered by Richard Dowling fortunes manage these sprouts of lushy garden of the future sounds for Ireland Alternative Rock scene preserved well. 

The giant wasp won’t stung you poisonously but just going to make your ears infected for more tunes like I For An Eye, Weed or Concerned to write down again and again and hopefully, prolong since here. 

Buzz Buzz:

Swamp Fruit (Not On Label 2015)

   Nice artworks from Olivia Oyamada caught the interests from the audience to trying out these Chicago, IL band-team whose playing unique yet weird scientific themes on their original materials there lying in melodies to slower tempos but raising thus Psychedelic Pop and Heavy Rock for alternative to them whose welcoming weirdness dwelling on their catalogs of choices as performance from Post Animal: Dalton Allison, Jake Hirshland, Joe Keery and Matt Williams writing down the group’s efforts via Post Animal Perform The Most Curious Water Activities drawn the images of strange creatures and sequence topping your drug uses once a while upon the new millennium constant current from these talented repeats within Googles, Aral Sea, Alabaster, Eel and A Whale’s Tale (featuring Daniel Pritchard) to Hoverin’ All Night. 

Tuning to thus drum of mid-tempo went slower or the hypnotic rhythms led you onto college of hope behind the staging smoked thin haze surroundings. 


Panther Sweat (Hollywood Records 1992)

   Brendan McNichol on guitars, Kerry Furlong on drums, Jeff Meundel on organ as well as Roger Deering on vocals and bass guitar formation on Rattlebone – the US glamour Hair Metal with the edge of Rock n’ Roll and Boogie Psychedelic taste in order of Hard Rock to Heavy Metal pointy era from the early nineties bringing the band’s self-titled recording EP with your favorite rocking and head-bang party or radio espresso sounds to the wicked long-haired crew anywhere to cranking this aloud mini recording. 

   Volume dealer and catchy melodies like The Beatles doing their heavier, glamour and sleazier materials there singing and scream about X-Ray Eyes, Society Dog or Cities on Flame for good. Don’t you worry because everything still alright in rebel-popular life style on that particular blast-days of a generation life proud music licks in the making. 


March Of Tides (Melodic Revolution 2018)

   Some Progressive Rock fans would love to have the music programs off Bomber Googles on their catalogs while some might telling that this sounds are too soft for youngsters but the oldies shall approving that the Southern Californian Peter Matuchniak (guitars), Steve Bonino (bass), Vance Gloster (keyboards) and Jimmy Keegan (drums) and Barry Wood (mix & master) would becoming a great unit working together as total musical which inspired by the likes on Styx, King Crimson, Genesis, Mike Oldfield and ELP comes alive there within thus releasing pictured of a cubic metropolis of the near future flooding earth made by humanity their own self-sufficient floating island cities named Gyreland. Precision of emotion and written-based feelings on tales really getting done in those thirteen tracks listed songs composed for the story continues among the debris of pacific rim continent as innovations, attractions and Invasion powering the chance to reign the ocean vast now as the people having no armies or weapons but will to do it. 

Same like the band itself – Bomber Goggles that occurs there on this Renewed World on the continues Building over the Land Of Plastic as The World We Really Want gets the Uneasy Truce against the separation of differences creating Triangle Of Power as the slogan for We Are Not Alone isn’t as good as peaceful like the band’s harmonic vocals or soft composing tunes collections showcase for a greater public advantages. 


Tinkerbell (Independent 2018)

Fishing, golf tournaments and taxidermy stuff are some of their favorable things to share alike the L.A Butt Core sounds of United States performed by Neil “The Real Deal” Crowley, Arturo Shaman, Sterling Riley and Harry Cloud coalition transforming the mutant DNA of dogged shallow stupid Goofy character mixed terribly within the predator alien-mouth as you can see to imagine. Either it’s face to eyes injuries blasting out from thus mixing blend on Stoner Metal, Psychedelic, Noise-Rock and extreme metallic experiments causing trouble to the hearing audience reminds you about The Melvins there for Minus Grin beating up as the screaming desperate vocals like King Buzzo goes roaring through Heritage Of Maintenance, Slack Jaw and Psoria Sister.

As Orphan Goggles naming themselves ugly stupid and hating how Walt Disney ruining their and many kids past by molested the perfect lives of someone with cartoon characters that dragging the world standard to sketching more brilliant choices not originality of mankind. 

All performance made by the band. 

Minus Grin:

1,000 Questions (Not On Label 2018)

   Brillian Seattle-sound originals releasing through this excellent music package from the quartet of Hard Rock plus Bluesy Rock and Classic Rock loving Grunge to popularized thus extra female led-band formations on Angela Hammontree for vocals, additional guitar to bassist Kevin Lynch, Doug Samm for electric/acoustic guitars, midi strings and piano or Rico Ybarra behind the drums did their high techniques of serious standard sounds product as Washington’s Observer Effect releasing self-titled EP. Four tracks and you will loving them all written and arranged dearly, rocking perfect and simple as The Good Life, Gripping The Wheel and Alien rest your cases for looking on indie rock harder tunes to added as favorite this weekend and Observer Effect quartet got the honor for that now ! Mastered by Levi Seitz found precious diamond over the blurred scene.

Observer Effect:

Motel Howie Mobile (Asian Man Records 2002)

Smile and jumping higher as you following the sign of Melodic Punk Rock music spreading like a blast of dynamites brought to the surface and to your stereo system via these Japanese bilingual band – calling themselves Nicotine whose having quite similarity to be considered themselves as half NOFX version off Chiba but also not really doing just a copy-cat(ing) sounds or style from several experiences on joining Warped Tour with plenty international bands as Nicotine’s spikey hair looks original just like the tempos of fast-drumming and great licks founding through the recording studio album as the sixth ones for them on Samurai Shot that actually, giving a great sense of traditional capability for Japanese to went international nowadays and Nicotine has showing us that they would be the one and the rest shall follows.

Cool drumming and heavy riffs to the harmony vocals in English and Japanese onto Bio Blood Society, 300 Perfect Game,  Flash Back, Jimmy is My Punk Rock Brother and many more as well as the neat recording products to how you would loved to see Japanese Music getting bigger than ever because they’re a real hard-worker and we needs more from them as they’re assimilated from the West World cultural and music to making them – theirs ! 

Samurai Shot:

Charred And Stale (Eternally Stoned Records 2016)

   Seven demonic Death Metal songs as the self-writing brutality towards how this supposed to be called a Boston’s weed-crazy parlor grinders for effectively, showing the spectrum of the new millennium fanatic fans for this kinds of extreme underground music fan-based reacting while kept focused onto the chaotic gory side as the monotonous drumming like hell, riffage blasts that would destroying your family room if you decided to turning on this recording from the band – Toke in Fifty Ton Nug with louder volume tonight as the slaying bass-tones or shredder solos scarring enough to be called killer music sounds with this.

Growler vocals and lesser-known group info would also giving the chance for underground music kept being huge for stay non-commercial as usual. 

The crushing elements and surprising effects that preserved well within the grinding sounds forwarded by the tracks like The Roach Collector, Purging The Wax and Raining Resin – regularly, telling us that the time of doomsday is upon us and the soundtrack blasts clearly ! 

Fifty Ton Nug:

Grotesque Bastards (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions 2016)

Pink Mass would extremely finding themselves in league with legendary names from Swedish’s Death N’ Roll music scene but not trying to just copying the elements over thus scenery’s founder and pioneers; these Montclair, New Jersey group consisting of Snevil The Wet-Brained Mercenary (bass, vocals), Kurtemis Caninus (drums), Van Lee Tassels The Obnoxious (guitars), Shock The Cockringed Mongrel (guitar, vocals) and Tyrant Perversor (lead vocals) adding more indicator towards Satanism and ritualistic cults related themes which means that thus story or lyrics about BDSM, perversion occultism, sex, punk rock, sexual freedom and blasphemy against religious beliefs building thus Blackened Crust Grindcore format becoming the band’s main source of brutality power while explosively exclusive releasing special recording album like Slvt Kvlt as their mighty proof that underground extreme music shall never bow down to anyone but themselves.

The devastating music and sound effects obligates Pink Mass performance as light but heavier and chaotic but simple as you shall non-stopping to head-banging as you follow the certain messages of the tracks sending you to rise the hatred and torturing the world citizen for not believing in this particular Blackened Grind-Crust dangerous and excessive music like Leather Studs Whips Scars or Symbol of 8 Dicks, Putrid Prophet to Slut Shaming and anything corrupted around you or inside those Diseased Minds. The World shall be independently afraid about this sooner or later. 

Slvt Kvlt:

Hexx Malevolence Myths (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions 2015)

Feel free for being forsaken but never forgotten; the Taste Of Death album really could be one of your collectible mixing or Cross-over between Thrash Metal and Death Metal by general tricks and one of the best independent recording releases so far to hits the underground online community as the band whose recording and releasing that album – Generichrist is actually, coming out from St. Petersburg – Florida and bring their illegal force of extremity chaos  noises with anarchy, violence, death and sex presenting by the five-piece technical Metal-heads: Joe Hujbar (guitars), Chris Maraman (drums), Edwin Webb (bass), Guy Loucks (guitars) and Tony Anderson (vocals) roaming wilder in their fire-breathing music towards the instant taste or touch of destruction music themes via the negativity messages of Kill Your Parents, Fuck to Get High or Nazi in Blue. Dig controversial thoughts to exterminate !

Taste Of Death: