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Alien Ankh (Independent 2013)

   Deep-darker and sounded gloomy like the dying breed of Goth-Rock that influenced heavily by the presence of Deftones, Marilyn Manson and KoRn as writing down the sexy-tinged darkened girls of Tennessee’s whose anti-bars and chains to be totally, free on thoughts and at last is JEssi Wade plus Tiffany Nicole moving their arousing asses to Bushwick, NYC as this project of Electro-Goth-Industrial was born as these partners claiming themselves belongs to the Nu-Metal scenery as priestesses of mighty worshipers of Kali goddess off the remote south reflecting thus Riotgrrrls movement by sounds but mixing it through the blending on Hip-Hop, Hardcore and breakdowns creative Cyberpunk on bending the border between genres as citing as well that Babes in Toyland, Tori Amos and Aaliyah as also their greater influences. Screaming tension raging female intuitions of Supermodel Terrorist or A.D.I.D.A.S or Goatse really picturing these women as your ultimate Dark Sister releasing their Darkest Lipstick (In The Drugstore) for a very very sensually, underground make-out by the threesome licks under thus scary hot Industrial-Goth Pop essence. 

Darkest Lipstick (In The Drugstore):

Etasthesie Eabelia (Abstraktens Produktions 2009)


   So the real name should be Lyktwasst but for the global world that should be just as simple as Life’s Decay. The Paris/France based group project that completes by the figures behind it over the musical from acoustic guitar, violin, bass and organ to drums through visual artworks, photography, videos as well as sounds compositions recording to promotion and distributed as track-lists or titles with Alea for the feminine voices, cello, harmonica, carillon to xylophone and experimental sounds bring their blending combinations of Alternative Ambient as well as Dark Folk to French-Pop resemblance towards martial Industrial and Neo-Classical and Post-Punk carried by thus choir of sorrowful scares and parts of complete aggressive instrument- additions officially for Life’s Decay recording named Dysrieuses that sounding like solitude world of the soul eater for popular culture without colors but as entertaining as eerie feels that the atmosphere there generalized the public views on digging invention onto chimes or presence of various objects as organ to strings and poetic goes possible experimenting eclectic original fits for thrilling suspense movies soundtrack like the twin-peaks series similarity. One with the audience craving more fearful themes oddities via Sulvisyan, Emerance, Iristhetique, Etesse, Exalyne, Evarestique and Inkerosa – dealt with the sinner’s activities being done by most of the former of god’s children manipulating themselves to break free from the both modern and religious lives of fake.


Dusilong Plunk (Not On Label 2014)

   For the local independent scene on Bangkok, Thailand – these three Indie-Pop and Surf-sixties tinged era sounds project forming by the members: Praewa Chirapravati Na Ayudhya on drums/vocals, Piyamas Muenprasertdee for bass/vocals and Pimporn Metchanun on guitars/vocals brought the Yellow Fang as their skinny coolest musical affections for years until today – playing through local/national venues and festivals as they’re singing the birdsong’s harmonies within the self-arranging songs and lyrics written in the making for the band’s latest debut finally, being released through The Greatest which may looking like a compilation but foremost to the entering Shoegaze/Surf-Pop and Indie Rock sounds the package has no denial but sounded really sweet and simple with a featuring of GeneMahasamut ordering people to loving the trio as the cooler musical staging being brought to front by the displays off MMPK, I’m a Feeder, Selfish, Valentinos, Unreal onto True Blue while the curious guys observing the cute looking faces of thus girls rocking the calm show under the glimmer spotlight …

The Greatest:

Prauge Toshi (Bandcamp 2017)

Staccato chords and riffs fiercely bursts like thus rhythmic over weird Noise Rock and Punk combining to Shoegaze or Funky Math-Rock by the College Station, Texas with their thanking to their friends and family breaks the silence on making the album as this is what they’re make to giving it to you as fun possible from the hard works off Vistor Leon, David Alvarez and Zach Lannes infusing the starry night dark skies for having wine drinks with lady Diana when Aphrodite wasn’t there to look in jealousy.

Drunk towards the intimacy nite under the millions lights for Interracial Dinorighteous releasing from Interracial Dinonysus do not selling shit stupid on discounts but as the trumpet played by Patrick Doell blows altogether as Overture to Foosball, St(art) S(top), Secret Juice and Yung Pell rocking the stereo in beats and grooves; feels free to saying to yourself that to be number something doing nothing you don’t have to be too damn greedy but creative cause – that terms worked for this crescent moon seducer Pop-Indie album. 


Polemikanadum (Demajors 2016)

   Unit of the local college crew whom had similar enjoyments for liking the eighties era music sounds as well addition of not permanent on bringing any of The Beatles tracks since the beginning of the formed group and thus reasons ridicules over too much CCTV cameras on their Institute Kesenian Jakarta (IKJ) campus for changing the fun project onto “Awas Sistipsi” while documented their own rehearsal and demoing tapes materials known later as Sisitipsi; Fauzan Lubis, Rian Rahman, Eka Wiji Astanto, Hendar Anggara and Amoroso Romadian to Aditiya Rahman really can be transforming their intrinsic distinctive retro sounds taken from as far as the past of the 50’s to the 80’s within the adding mixes on Bossa Nova, Samba, Swing, Classical, Country and Bluegrass onto Jazz – circulating their menu of musical performance on stage and recording kinds of reminding your grandparents or your hippie uncles/aunties and more oldies loving criminals on the days where everything still too westerners and developed as free as birds and antique lyrics of silly romance of going to the beach or midtown on the weekend while meeting your girlfriends would be the entire greatest moments you ever did for that younger life before reflecting on that beer bottle or cans's logo for better or shitty worst. 

Open your stereo and hear for these mellow-funkies or mid-tempo various genres in one songs like Aroma Dia, Berlabuh Rindu, Rinai (Di Bulan Juni), Alkohol, Lepas Kendali and many more out of 73% (the album) for bahasa lyrics telling you about those silly past everyone used to love to completes.


Hulu Hilir (Unslave Records 2015)

   Sumatra island unique forging and formidable scenery for Indie Rock genre-society living a bit healthy these years since the new millennium added more opportunity around those smaller groups not having chances to joining national scale music festivals but never giving up and out must be good on given exampling like the pick for these Jambi province letting the wider community and media aware about their existence as Semiotika comes to show their Instrumentalist Post-Rock and Radiohead-strange Indie Rock phases only for using music not lyrics as the titles for the listed tracks already explaining to the audiences of their thoughts, protests and non-arguable talents of cleverness as the Indonesian to creating such things like these courageous tempers, feelings, issues of both global and nationals as well as the environmental-pro activities that spawning Seharusnya Hijau (supposed to be greener), Gersang (barren land), Sebagian Kecil Udara (some parts of the skies), Lepas (release) or like the album record title as Ruang (rooms) that has been portraying the group’s efforts for longer progressive effectiveness and the catchy melodic breeze tickling the listeners to take a rest from running too fast all day and decided to stop moving to let the planet breathing slow and all the stresses vanished while seeing natural ecosystem in front of you crawling back reclaiming.


Tired & Sick (TVT Records 2001)

   From the northern part of America more imports of Canadian good bands from its Modern Rock and Alternative Rock scene goes international just like for example – this Hard Rock/Post-Grunge unit off Vancouver, British Columbia had already a majority fan-based and gains more and more daily popular demands in US soil especially, the first music-charts hits successfully made by Default through Wasting My Time – taken from their debut album The Fallout that indecision to make a good marks at first being released but suddenly, thanks to that hit single – the band’s lucky star shine and changed everything for the rock career off Dallas Smith (lead vocals), Jeremy Hora on guitars, Dave Benedict (bass guitars) and Danny Craig (drums, percussion) within the help from Rick Parashar on keyboards/piano also the additional lyrics written together with Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) as well producing the record.
   The blurry picture doesn’t mean that the conditions for Default are also uncertain because their album really selling-out as the sounds they’re delivers can be describing as an ultimate Country-Pop Alternative rocking which everybody loving it once they’re listening onto the tracks. Make your call and choices but everything seems to be pretty listenable here: Seize The Day, One Late Night, Deny and By Your Side must be cheesy but romantic for romantic rockers to resembling their lives back since the last fall.

The Fallout:

Strange O.K (Elektra Entertainment Group 2003)

   Singer/songwriter Vaughan Rhea once came down from Tennessee to Orlando for acoustic playing based project of his own but later put together along with Dave the brother performing the distinctive sounds of the mix on Grunge Rock to Modern Rock inspiring the coffee shop tenants as locally to nationally opens for the sharing stage with names like Third Eye Blind as established themselves to be VonRa with “Boo” Rhea on bass guitar, Garrett Coleman on rhythms guitars/backing vocals and ead guitarist Paul Smith and Jeff Irizarry on drums to Todd Hackenburg on lead guitar enclosing to change their previous name to VonRay as label major attentions intensively, increasing that time making an impressive recording release sold out and radio-friendly top choices around the south cities and nation wider too – VonRay music seemed to be awesomely, touching the middle class and upper riches while the shallow lyrics but adding into wiser amounts really works to attracting more listeners for loving Part Of Me, Hole, I’ll Show You onto Inside Out and I’m Learning.

PS. If you loving them too for the highway rhythmic driving music choices isn’t giving you some kind of sins for Modern Rock fans to crank the non-dangerous tunes loud to rocks ! 


3rd Ave N (Vagrant Records 2008)

   Just when someone stated not to get married and making the songs occasionally, not for it – Reggie and The Full Effect crew must going back visiting their old memorial place as well recording this Last Stop: Crappy Town into the trademark partying drunk sounds from the suburban and urban dense cities people towards the quiet boring parts of the US soil as when the train arrives bringing James Dewees and his friends for this albums number three; Alternative Rock to Electronic to Punk-Pop and simply alphabet disorder titles matched the writing materials over thus images of a rusty station onto the hitchhiking off the road man in dark suits as thus singing catchy songs or melodies rhyming in constant taps out trying to explains to us about what is the meaning of G, F, E, V to R as well as some of the street signs compelling the misguidance on the trip crossing Lorimer St., 36th St. and also Smith & 9th as sometimes you can be surprised by the Hardcore/Heavy Metal bashing struck as boredom attacks the already non-homesick personnel for the record.

Last Stop - Crappy Town:

Your Element (Vagrant/Heroes & Villains 2000)

   Maybe this is the kin of the generation next realted to Rick Ocasek and co. where The Cars popular sound influencer really showing with the carrier of the good, catchy Power-Pop and Alternative Music written and performance by Robert Suchan (vocals, guitars), Ben Force (guitars/bass/vocals), Jared Rosenberg on piano, keyboards and synthesizers as well as Rob Pope on bass to Ryan Pope the drummer founding the American independent band called themselves as Koufax.

   Doing just fine as the fashioned of non-lethal or too sissy looks arrives as the group come closer and releasing the debut album of It Had To Do With Love brought their fully assemble of Punk and Pop tunes onto the regular radio-friendly shifting music that everyone loves. Listen to their tunes of fortunate to misfortunes or the middle between good lucky or almost failure through the rhythms and powered choruses alike the parts of Billy Joel goes intimate to join Move Out Move Out, Minor Chords, Going To happen, Offering Advice, Living Alone, Work Will Never End onto Over It  - which might brighter your Saturday afternoon continued with great date in the evening with your favorite someone because the world decided not to be too damn a bitchin’ grudge today. 

It Had To Do With Love:

Tube Screamer (Bandcamp 2018)

   Winnipeg, Manitoba project to be thrown in the middle of militant fans of night-life lovers and party goers or even backpacker-travelers would insight sudden trapped into the formula magic visionary off Electro-Dance Rock fusion with Psychedelic progression or Psytrance secular in Et Cetera … tunage recording onto this momentum by Ambrosia Skylab carefully, doing the constructed mastery melodies or structured beats abilities by alchemist of sounds wider arrays over thus instruments that plays mixed with improvements seeker for the record which called fourth nuggets as the mixes on all music recorded, produced, mastered by Kenny Holewater as one can sense the New Wave meets universal world sounds and Italo-Disco rhythmic as far as the natural themes written there for Rain Song telling stories for around five minutes more without vocals but the audience would definitely, felt the aura and the atmosphere that being brought by it. 
Another five minutes off solar paneling the energy out of the mighty light-torcher giant ball planet out there as our central of the planetary system rhyming those greased, spiced and cooked of almost perfection pretty much implies the last awhile to spread. 
   The artworks of greener plants to the pots and containers and shapes and colors giving the assuring that preservation isn’t just a horse-shit programs to healing the planet from our pollutant emissions.

Et Cetera:

Massacre Human (Macabre Mamantos 2010)

   Skins as well hearts will be shattered quick with the displaying of these Niigata’s Slamming Brutal Death Metal crew whom consisting for Haruka Kamiyama, Takahashi, Takashi and Takumi Akatsuka deranged themselves completely devastating in any kinds order you can mention about them as Gorevent – the mighty crusher unit already devastates many festivities of the underground over many places and right now through the occult-based thoughts writing issues and themes still surrounding torture, killings, mutilation rituals and gore-grinds to the releasing of this second efforts in Worship Paganism for you to witnessing the leader of black-cult brotherhood celebrating their masses inside the secret temple and offering the nude virgin to the high almighty master of the universal dark realms as all the torches enlightened like lucifer’s spears and the unholy candle shall be burning the innocent body of the passed out or possessed female figure after the anointed oil pours before that. 
   Grinding blasts and explosive beaters runs chasing the ghastly night shadows and growlers breaking the entire silence continued by those boar-sounds roaring lyrics about blasphemy and bloody torturing activities like they used to be doing via Metaphoric Sadness, At The Time For A Killing or Clubbing To Death differs the diminishing of your entire lame-ass modern civilized people under the occult eclipse moon of blood-bath soon to be gory succeeded.

Worship Paganism:

Circle/9 (Crowquill Records 2013)

   Old story involving the past of Reggie and The Full Effect ex-member Aaron Coker brings his rotated friends cast-in for a good rocking not for the good moods features musical blasts as Isaac Khan and Chris Clark picturing themselves as Sister Of… that may not really resemblance to the popular tunes and rebel attitudes for being free because here this St. Joseph, Missouri wicked weirder trio looks like leaving their hopes to creating a new project which playing too thicker experimental cult-like instrumental tracks and dressing up decision to look creepy with thus masks of strange and scary characters like a preparation for trick or treats neighboring walks and picking their victims while performing Follow Me As A Ghost record over Sister Faith or In A Sea of Red Strands or Sister Chance that goes on and on Stoner-Rock-ing grungy pleasing those ears whom likely being a bigger fans for this type of Alternative Rock sounds only. 

Follow Me As A Ghost:

Precious Seeds (Bandcamp 2015)

A devotional Reggae-roots soulful  band jamming from Glastonbury, UK much appreciated furthering creativity comes first before the stopping for recognitions as these independent grass-rooted starring line-ups from the ensemble teaming of the inner circle: Green T (lead vocals, guitars, percussion), Arjun Magee (drumkit), Susie Ro (lead & harmony vocals), Radek Ditrych (bass, guitar bits), Michael Stanton (keyboards & harmony vocals) to Jacqui Attwood (saxophones, clarinet) performing with talents to gratitudes as anticipated like the assembly additional players from trumpet player Graeme Warner, keyboardist Andreas Millns, Bella Lilley and Camilla Lilley for the harmony vocals, vibraphone player Hugh Jones, guitarist Sadhu Seva to Elma Houghton on saxophone; dealing and deliberating the written licking beats and Caribbean atmosphere or Jamaican-influences stronger blows via Creation as well thus relaxing tropical moods with ideas of smooth smoking weeds or praying for blessing thanks for today with the rhythmic involvement carries your interest reacting and blended onto the feelings of peace and prospers shown by Each Moment, Wake Up, Prayer of Peace, Roots Mama onto Lift Up or Bend The Light might forcing you to accessibly infused to get wet and dancing while painting the essential unique elements and complimented … 


Vanity Causer (Bandcamp 2018)

Amount fully mixtures over those interracial members together as one formed the group that playing Dub-/Reggae roots and Pop-Rock currently, located in London as being completed by The Drop’s formation on Dandelion (vocals, melodic), Leon on guitars, Ryan on keyboards, percussionist Jason, Steve (bass), Ed West (drums), Jonny Murray on trumpet as well as Joe playing saxophone, dubs, chaz won don and Kyle for sounds/dubs growing through the trudge speaking off the small town suburbs; captivating the grass-rooted releases in marrying grooves of jumps up to dirty basses and epic sound walls as well as clever smart ideas to wrote down lyrics on mesmeric established talking about prestigious for being equal, free and responsible to yourself and the surroundings as human beings. 

Experiences movement staging from live performance to UK festival circuits lending thus stocking brood on potential sparks of thoughts not for stupidly, destroying masterpiece and burning books by category but sending strong messages distinctive as sounds to the mass audience for the globe to understands the truth and the deeper edgy thinking positive and protests from Dunna Runna feat. Lee “Scratch” Perry, Takeover, CCTV, Parakeets in London, Far & Wide, Avatar onto 6 or 9 until the Last Stand leaves a frantic beats addict on The Clash or Dub-step quintessential into you – craving for more Reggae. 

Last Stand: