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ZZZ Roger Rabbit (DVLGNG 2017)

Don’t just listen but feel the beats expression through Spaceman, Rehab featuring Suspect OTB, Lock and Load featuring Bakar, Cold Outing or Jamaa featuring Nah Eeto as these fifteen songs products off the United Kingdom’s Rap/Hip-Hop music recording served bloody much well within thus elements you ever wanted to have in an album as Cult Member brings the exact Gangsta-Horror crewing as the explicit works from Milkavelli couple loving satanic on this one.

The trio and the main figure of Don Silk don’t rest until their mission is done vibrating the issues around them and the contents of more tracks to driving through-out the cold like Yay High ft. Jesse James, Sick feat. Lee Scott and Foul Mouth ft. Jaxxon D. Silva likely, not fucking care about what your business minds going to think towards the protests from the British street style but you’ll be next to the target as the gun pointing on your forehead by the rapper going in trespassing your condominium and taking all of your wealth and your bitches too for retaliation. 

Cult Member: