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Zovic Offended (Self-Released 2017)

   Young skinny Jason masked kid with a sticky club-bat witing for you in the corner of the untouchable spot alerting danger in a moment where the plastic situation may not going to save your ass anymore this time which the miserable harsh sounds onto Hardcore/Punk and Hip-Metal to Rap/Hip-Hop stomping breaks opens cutting over this The Dregg EP releasing by these band – Dregg off Melbourne, Australia not trying to hid their aggressive style out of the steps but attacking quickly and soaring vocals screamo plus the hardening riffs might caught the people’s choice of interest while listening to those eight tracks of protesting in misfortunes of our destroyed countries from within alike crushed between Exploring The Kardashians Through The Universe, Ill Mannered, Ridiculous, Narcotic or Don’t Go Into The Mangroves (ft. Nick Adams) theme-ing some of the outdoors and wild life surroundings their places but also some international issues giving your daughters plastic surgery and body transplants not making them human enough anymore like a gang bang of gay oral in form of Hip-Metal.