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Yosakoi Ame Bushi (Tremolo Records 2012)

   How further can type of instrumental music record might captured an interest from fans for now – this new millennium could offer to a band-format of Rock N’ Roll Surf. Psychedelic and Garage Rock musical products for example; this joint cultural blends from the couple of British/Japanese music-head multi-talented performers Simon and Hiromi Jones with Andrew Bowler on drums as unique mixing off England, Wales and Japan prolific acts for the likes on world sounds and intelligent sixties to seventies era soundscapes.
Earthly and cosmic interpretations carried the audience inside the sparkling clouds haze and penetrating the unnamed realm beyond the limits of your sense’s sensations with or without substantial drugs through these twenty-two tracks available from the band’s collection over Galactic Guitars the compact disc album recorded by The Space Agency trio. 
   Surf moods as well as awesome special beached atmosphere goes forward with the waves and sunshine themes via Tube Caddy, Flashback Guitar, Kaminari, Headless Hipster, Catch The Spy onto Cyclone or Minnie’s Theme (live) and many more choices for those whom likely, lives only to travelling to exotic places or trying something new the world’s offering you with and this compilation of previously releases records gets all the goodness from the group placed inside to the lovers and the tropical nature’s listeners.

Galactic Guitars: