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Yellow Rose-Thru (Bedlam Tapes 2017)

   With too freaking much aliases for only this particular Angel Marcloid of Chicago as the loving fans of New Age, Electro-Industrial onto some more experiments of musical projects that you cannot remember at all but maybe this one as Fire-Toolz might caught your attention rather than make eyebrow rising or waving a false flag on a battlefield in listening hour for kinds of experiments that might shocking or surprising you like other audience did after tasting awhile on this fourth album releasing by standard above levels entitled Interbeing. 

   Like the Electronic-acoustic blending gathered samplings, synthesizers and combination on Vaporwave onto Black Metal and New Age fusion or collage sounds for gamers of the underground-style having those weirdy odd freako tunes of misfortunes and overloaded chaos in general patterns arranged and mixed better for non-human to understanding Window 2 Window, Window 2 Window 2 Window, The Step-In Fantasyland Place and [Codename_Bonkers], Where Are You Now or Reality Mask [======] 93.7247/Bps 90% etc cannot easily pleasing those whom cannot understanding the code-breaking ways like compute-heads and hacking nerds easily did to rocks the world and make wealthy people feeling paranoid like the room filled with things went scattered because of the spreading fear flows in-effects.