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Y Sigue La Destruccion (Bambam/Voltage 2014)

   Panic in Guadalajara or Zapopan area in Mexico’s deeper slumber and unlawful streets where the killings, chopping heads and mutilation controls in fear by the new authority called the cartel but there’s still some struggles to the roots down Punk-Hardcore territory like the one lethal violence coming to the crash-course in fighting the authority or the regime or even united states of north America within the forms of Nauj, Rodo, Soti and Tupa as the Hardcore-Punk metallic fast and dangerous delivers in Acidez as a group. Rebellious to the bone and melodic but not that kinds of commercial-related closer sound-making property as you think or imagine because these Street-Punks really sure that Mexico had no more future but destruction and the accordance of exact timing where the last atomic nuclear bomb drops on the once-mayan kingdom soil; nothing would alive again but Beer Drinkers Survivors as an album for your fucking ears to crank aloud while your devastated nights needs a boost up through thus speeding crusher and punchy tracks of the real punk threats like Acido Corrosivo, One Day On Earth, Van A Odiar, Camino Al Infierno as well as Acid Thrash Terrorist attacks to the shouting entirely, hideous to scares the riches via Revolution is My Destiny unites the Mohawks and the goat-head metal-heads !!!

Beer Drinkers Survivors: