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Xanax Dukkha (Klanggalerie 2013)

   Feeling the heartbeats pumps harder to getting slow or reversed; the main possession of the beats brought in being a package of David Pfister or Dr. Nachtstrom project blends via Radio Manna seems to be sounded hilariously creepy like the forms of horror-entry music to your fear by Electronic Industrial Witch-House tremble noises as samples, synthesizers and wilder mixes experimentation divided the parts as abstract and rhythmic as deeply disturbing here in this subsonic waves and hypnotic eight songs recording by Black Manna. Presenting each and every illegal repetitive of a perfection in black magic rites soundtrack onto the darker version tracks like Amarth, Fire In Nepal, Himmelfahrt (Solar White Manna Version), Heroine Poltergeist and thus twenty minutes more strikes in eerie haunting song number seven given this project made of Vienna, Austria – a deranged looking figure like the mutant operator sending fake scream-messages via lost signals frequency to the outside world behind the wall of ice.

Radio Manna: