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Wibble Prang Jah (Self-Released 2018)

   Correctness needs to be made as the vibes coming out in mid-tempo fucks the listening ears little by little as heater-up of non-doubt tunes goes laidback onto Old-School six clicks into Dubstep as busiest Bristol’s project called Slothman written all of its tracks and produced them by oneself; steps-in for the opportunity via harder aiming direct pure tunes as a big bad but harmless to know recording through this EP release in Hard Food that really not easy to chew but having not too bad bloody taste and this UK’s hybrid character between Sloth animal and human getting ready again to do some deeds as damages within the blending sessions of mixture music code name FA032 right from its hidden place lair of Electro-Techno community in the woods. 

Listen carefully to Mrs Baylock as scary as the real old woman crazier to protecting her beloved anti-christ child from the horror movie or Shine Eye also creeping in with nature’s digest and mysteries themes also the collaboration between Slothman and Chad Dubz for Barbara pleasure to progress out longer than four minutes over these six songs written there. 

Will you run away and hide when the creature comes to play hide and seek together at home or you rather just stop the music from penetrating your brains and injecting fear to you ? 

Hard Food EP: