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White Electric (Smoking Room 2017)

   Grungy Post-Punk and Hardcore mixtures can easily be calling as Alternative Rock over the year ear of nineties and just like that this new music genre replacing Hair Rock and Glam-Metal too damn fast as spreading from the seattle to Midwest gone up to the northern parts making lots of teenagers falling in love for its honesty and distortion spontaneous like the example of the next generation from Vancouver, British Columbia – Canadian rockers: Weed has brought to the audience their Born Wrong Love as anonymous as the early works of this type of music while through the new millennium crossing the riffs of guitars meet digital mastering sessions the radish leaves on tress several weeks before autumn arrives surrounding your compound and warmth hugging may recurring the broken hearts within breaking the silence as Favoutire Hate, Offsides, Typical onto Are We Cool ? onto Keep Me With You and Promised Rate posing the rebel-smells carried by this three-piece rock-band: Hugo Noriega, Kevin Doherty and Will Anderson.

Born Wrong Love: