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Whisper Shiver (Self-Released 2016)

   Easy going crew playing their personal and regular to public songs written by the group member: Katie Ortiz, Ian Crook, Nick Johnson and Shannon Minor – you will love the tough girls and cool musicians making a little bit attraction towards Mean Siders wanted everyone to showing the exact pouning grooves onto their simple Grungy/Alternative Rock rhythms through All Your Ugly Parts like the reminder of how L7 turning softly to releasing their commercial tunes with the blending influences and aspirations from the era before The Breeders and Sonic Youth still choosing the experimental moments as six tunes entertaining you (not) but inviting all to head-banging and do the moshpit as the tracks of Godly (the beliefs existence that … compares to science), Fashioned Ribs seems too louder laughing about how the female artists did the operation to transforming their bodies into hilarious ugly beauty role-models destroying young generation on following them like Little Lady as being hypnotized under those TV Sparks – must be stopped. Riot Grrrl is the spears of modern girls to wake up and breaks the spell of NWO in Brooklyn, NYC ! 

All Your Ugly Parts: