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Whiskeytown (Self-Released 2014)

   Angry ripping queer females from the working class background as experiencing their struggle from zero to day by days as diversity in order to fight thus conflicts of interest by the global modern world towards the gender situation even nowadays where equality means understanding in many ways for women to standing taller like man but the reality in this living realm – girls in the third world countries and advance population kept being underpaid, under-classed and under-estimated but Brooklyn, NY crew – TinVulva don’t wanted to repeating the same experiences anymore and with bringing the Punk-roots rebellion music – forcing you to go down and moshing the floor into pit with destruction, creation and becoming indestructible as Gia Jordan – trumpet, Kat Wong – bass/vocals, Sarah Soller-Minlek on guitars/vocals and Larry Zeolla behind their drums.

   Raging over your stereo system on this five tracks extended recording needing to be ejaculated further so many women can hearing this screams excluded from the television line-up mixing Punk-Rock and Alternative choices into Equilibrium means that the tangled pubic hair didn’t showing who you really are without knowing the thoughts inside the brain – as so did these girls placing their protests to the society by the bursting SpazzMazz, Making Monsters or Dark and Stormy not becoming a stardom cowards and intimate whore celebrities doing things for the living in proclaiming order under the Punk movements which is honest and simple like the ecstasy feelings over Riot-Grrrl inspiring missions married Grunge Rock in CBGB’s chapel.