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We Will Be Stars (Square Tire Records 2011)

   Love Poem, Looking East, Lock Up Your Daughters and Racecar onto Stone of Suffering or I Cannot Breathe may sounding so Folkish, cynical and humorous in Power-Pop Indie and Alternative projection catchy not too calm; harmony bursts and melodies sophisticated surroundings the performance for Mike TV on vocals, guitars, keys, percussion and tomfoolery with Eric Summer on vocals/viola as well as Dave Palamaro the drummer and bassist Jeremy Keeler introducing again their finest album number five entitled Fury For Your Lonely Heart – a fueled for hatred of herself female figure in between teenage and adulthood ages borderline whose pulling her own beatings out the chest – opened with a hole; and burning it with the laser eyes story by the group from Austin, Texas’s Get Set Go.

A full length recording that makes the listeners liking it. 

Fury For Your Lonely Heart: