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Warp Speed (Ultra Records 2015)

   Listening yourself not talking but open ears wider as the atmosphere turning to massive house-joint crowds crazily dancing following the boomer music out of the stage speakers and amplifiers while Steven Hiroyuki Aoki blasting his performance sounds as an American DJ, producer and musician founding the label with specification over the gathering music similar to this as well didn’t stop this long-haired japanese-descent to producing more and more alternative routes to everyone to shaking bodies and have a good time in the sweaty clubs, green arenas and particular remote places exotic within the non-stop music blended over the next level through his life-journey creativity in the making of Neon Future II as the follower off the previous number one.

   Let’s see the trendy line-up collaborations here being made by Steve Aoki with Moxie Raia in I Love it When You Cry (Moxoki) radio edit, Hysteria featuring Matthew Koma, the Nervo, Tony Junior collabs within Lightning Strikes and even the rock group and pop unit like Linkin Park for Darker Than Blood or Walk Off The Earth’s Home We’ll Go (Take My Hand) sounded complete to describing how variative thus House, Electro Progressive Dance and Dubstep conjugated in the unity products made well by the mixer banzai god of Los Angeles celebrating his Electro-Pop’s Time Capsule music with the entire personnel form popular culture here such like Rivers Cuomo, Kip Thorne, Snoop Lion and even JJ Abrams. 

Neon Future II: