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Violent Precaution (Six Thirty Recordings 2017)

   Musical duo and added more personnel flirting the audiences with their sweeter version of Punk-Country and Folk popular sounds in seminal acoustic but also having the rootsy electric phase as the project named Elevntwelfth starring Rona Hartriant on guitars/vocals, Almas Makitsuna behind the drum-sets or Yogawerda Kessawa on guitars expanding their musical passionate ideas by joining talents and song-lyrics writing to make a good implementation, reflective and sing-along music that’s going to reminding you about the early Emo-Rock and Pop verses of Chris Carrabba and the crew on the releasing album with the same self-titled carrying thus groovy, popular and catchy tunes but weighing the heavier meaningful stories to tell to the listeners as these Indonesian youth team singing about Quiet Quiet, Farther Than I Might Have Ever Figured, Could Have Known, Addressing or Your Head As My Favorite Bookstore means a little taste of life could grow better if you doing it within hearts and this group has proved it as the works being appreciated by the local music magazines calling them a bright new stars of the future in Pop-Rock music for smart Indonesian to choose.

Well reflected tales of the softest-side wisdom experiences mixed in emotionally clever.