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Vincent Price’s (Self-Released 2017)

   As the female vocals sounded similar to Evanescence’s Amy Lee in a very edgier Hard Rock ways – these Boston, Massachusetts lesser known group named Set Fire releasing their mini recording and black bird into Aura; with Jess Collins (keyboards and vocals), Jim Healey (guitars & vocals) as well as Rob Davol on drums as the trio rocking your stereo in short moments but leaving inscription devoted sounds to your heart within this Benny Grotto recording/mixed release also playing tambourine onto Set Fire’s three minutes more and even four or five minutes duration per songs beaking bites like the flock of mad birds from that old horror movie by Hitchcock.
   Better Off the opener has a catchy mastery musical to dig as well as Falling Backwards continuing the band’s hardening rock to the reachable solos and almost perfect to prolong by more self-written tracks – a must given of two thumbs up for this try-out works !