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Vasectomy Strung (Bandcamp 2017)

   A complete waste of time for listening these monster of Punk-Pop of California just like you had the worst warped tour karaoke night introduction onto the band with scary make-up vocalist sounded similar to Blink 182 or teenage NOFX with mandatory on common laws on Punk music but recommended as fuck as not so cheaper as five bucks asserting their materials recorded on Grim Deeds’ album of Only The Beast as the compilation took only the thirteen best tracks from their previous full length records into a masked figure/creature and many more of its weird/eerie friends and relatives that looks like they’ve been pops out off the macabre breeds spell-books which bursting the popular catchy sounds or the Honda accord’s parking-take for the vocals; sang on this album makes your soccer mom feels a headache and an early PMS because of Dave Mustaine, How To Write A Pop Punk Song, I Don’t Give a Fuck, Public Shithole, I Smoked Weed with Cronos, I Only Listen to Goregrind and being closed by The Archives – gladly, cancelled the non-human monsters from taking over the neighborhood of someone named Ced because of what he’s doing before causing this jammy ! 

Only The Beast: