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Uplifting Version (SkyQode 2016)

   Feel excited to have the Electro-mixes artist like Marco Antonio Barrientos sophomore smoothly, recording this EP filled with Progressive Trance to minimalist Rave-Deep House as it relates to the outer space journey plan, imaginable time travelling, bad ideas for visiting dimensional realm star system or just partying hard for one night or several some endless on the exotic island featuring Ruined Conflict or Pao Manriquez as well as Electronic heaven popularity nowadays you can’t avoid when you go everywhere – people love to listening to this style kind of music just like showing here In The Voice Of Others exploring more tunes within new beats or the suggested mixtures made of Russia as Dying 4 U (DMT Berzerk Remix) featuring Pao Manriquez with remix by Dimitri Berzerk causing too much quakes around you while the public dancing hard for the night of their lives meeting new faces, fucking foreign babes and adding the moments until the sunrise comes back to show up in its higher place from the east after yesterday downing on the west territory.

In The Voice of Others: