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Upheaval Dawn Coming (Self-Released 2017)

   An Alternative Pop-Rock with Progressive experimental of more harder edgy sounds as a choice from you and many more to listen out of their hailing spot in Jakarta is Scaller duo consisting with the duo couple – Stella Gareth and Reney Karamoy as independent as possible writing their manual music-book through several years of experiences in making the fill for appetite over boundaries breaking by positive vibes, complex rhythms and aggressive meets peaceful exposures trying to inspires younger generations to build not just favorite vibrant to sell but artistically, measuring that legacy of semi-legends like of some Indie-verses off Muse or Radiohead even Yes or Prog-Rock Classics and Tom DeLong’s to the stars academy’s futuristic think-tank mesmerizing with the flowing formats of thus harmony flutes or violins and channels to advancing yourself not staying lazy.
   Figures crawling out walking from the muddy river shore and dry trees means that the album debut Senses must be calling us to not just listening music but preserving the nature wonders in this planet – started from your front yard to the surroundings in a small steps while good thoughts in mystic tunes form Move In Silence, Flair, The Alarms and Three Thirty caught deeper by means necessary for the band to get your attention not your money in regular usual business as usual. 

Active acts needed from the audience as well to help the environment not just for the band.