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Untuk Semua (Independen Records 2000)

   Indie Rock movement pioneering around Jakarta as being founded inside Institute Kesenian Jakarta (IKJ) as managed their self-titled acts and album just at the same time where most of the young Indonesian and the rest of the public being sickens over the turbulences of the politic and economy inside the country as RumahSakit bursts out their Alternative Pop-Rock distortion materials just like the Indonesian answer to Radiohead in local lyrics-written but came late a bit still it goes to capturing the interests of as many audiences nation-wide to love having them stays onto the charts of the indie-scene sounds and this second album Nol Derajat (Zero Degrees) really means something related to the feelings of the urban neighborhood and thus instability carried the incompetence and miserable conditions needing to be cured y taking the patients to RumahSakit or hospital.

   Go finding your favorite songs onto Manuver Gelombang Pasang, Terbalik, Beku or frozen, Mati Suri, Ruang , Kuning, Anomali and other melodies which freshly came in with the distorting smooth noises like thunders, lightning and sky-sparks electrifying the listeners to either not hating them or just following their steps to the save house. 

Nol Derajat: