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Unite Assholes (Empty Records 1994)

   As the present time almost erasing (The) Derelicts out from the preserving groups on Alternative Rock lists which thrown unrecognizable formation of the band consisted for Duane Biodenheimer, Ian Dunsmore, Neil Rogers to Ric Biloti and even Joe Kilbourne not trying to becoming the next hectic version of Iggy Pop or Johnny Rotten but shows the staging related acts with more fuckin’ faster tempo on distortion music just like this compilation sells lower costs entitled Goig out Of Style 1986-1990 displaying the rest of their non-hits song writings and brute skills suits the name. Monotonous cranking of unfinished business offers by Punk-Rock the Indie/Garage or sewer pleasing those whom onto destructive fast mayhem protests and sarcastic tracks to trashing the places like Black Train, Bullet for Fifi, Sharon Needles, Ton O’ Fun, I Walk Alone, Godbage Pt. 2, Misery Maker, Boxed In,Dirty City Rotten Life and Promises Burned or I Wanna Get Out (Live) really means to be made mean as possible through the years of biting, slamming and Someboody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In times and dazed days when those weirder party goers packed in odd style like can-head guitar player, big boobs hooker, green satan meets the kinky clown and the two headed couple hating each other isn't a fantasy !