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Under The Gun (Warner Bros. Records 1996)

   Rocking the Punk protests out and loud for their blending on Reggae and mid-tempo Hard Rock and melodic fast Rock n’ Roll as catchy as your California – Los Angeles forming crew led by Doug Caine (vocalist) and Jeff Graham (guitar/backing vocals) naming this project band  - Schleprock and releasing many records until the best is yet to come really hits the store and public domains is the fifth albums by the performing members like Dave “Mobtown” Porush (percussion), organ by Rich Mouser and Dirty Ernie on drums or guitarist Sean Romin simply throwing their good amount of telecaster tunes fitted for any Warped Tour or extreme sports exhibition as the rolls of Punk would never sounded better than this since Rancid did and the abstract deforming uncle sam selling tickets to see the circus under the tent of lady liberty says everything that wrong towards the most democratic country in the world today.

   From the furious themes on political prejudices to the social-values injustice and conspiracy come blasting the tunes like We Need An Anthem, No Heroes, Suburbia, Like A Rat, It’s Alright or Runnin’ Riot and TV Dinner making sense to the ears and minds to think again on kept on obeying their masters to do damage deeds onto mankind in many fields of living since the dawn of advance technology and industry took over the rely sprints of the finish line. 

(America's) Dirty Little Secret: