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Trinity Shelter (Dead Oceans 2018)

   Once a mercury winning prize doesn’t mean that you will liking the music produced by the grammy-nominated and brit-award winner project off the collaboration between Laura Manning and Mike Lindsay as prolific producer in making a record debut as Lump in this self-titled. The sets of remarkable visual, coloring sounds, blending for wonked guitars, synth-moog and droning atmosphere within thus drumming patterns of coiling flute or clouds of voices given a more fortuitous steps needed in quick as haunting beautiful music struck out sparkling in minds meeting somewhere as the world turned subterranean by latter days retreat felt like an Alternative Dream-Pop escapes in Late To The Flight, May I Be The Light, Curse of The Contemporary as well as Rolling Thunder comes to the outer rim of stereo system from your room alike thus furry creatures creating by creativity from Lump duo off London, UK. 

   Absorbing quietness or spectacular drawing of imagination themes into hypnotic quirky lyrics meet the solitude taste for arrangements of instruments between the secret doorway of small heaven and seminal tradition to be imprinted towards delightful Folk-Electro noises.