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Trashing Sliced Eva’s (Klanggalerie 2018)

   The third releasing products of odd experimentation appearance without introduction by the London-born and moved to San Francisco musician/music arranger named Phillip Charles Lithman used to forming a weird band called Chilli Willi and The Red Hot Peppers before later in decadence choosing a solo career performance as he returned by the name of Snakefinger as befriending with The Residents (band) far before Manual Of Errors given birth some more strange sounds of experimental music like one being kidnapped as brought quietly onto the imaginary realm where creatures shapes in irregular ways living in harmony as no humanoid presents there but the sea and land living forms taking care of each other, swirling and feeding in reluctant peace and as the background is these jazzy step-up beats commerce out the listeners hearing sense to tapping their feet or finger snaps following the oddity tales from Beatnik Party, Yeti: What Are You ?, Shining Faces (“I Am Nino”), The Vivian Girls, Womb To Worm, Private Universe/The Life Of Nebulov onto The Jungle Princess are filling up thus place that some calling it The Garden of Earthly Delights where even a shadow-play is a living creature and liking the sound of music as food.

Welcome to the loss of sanity place for smart madness and creativity dwells. 

Manual Of Errors: