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Trap Door (ATO Records 2014)

   Indie-Pop based like the intermediate catchy popularity sounds between the like for ABBA, Alternative Pop-Dance and even one side of KISS in a whole different ways is this Canadian crew being shown towards a reality of big cities generation for loving, living and consuming every beats the record industry had to offer as like the band themselves proclaiming as Stars and having the formation of Torquil Campbell on vocals/keyboards/trumpet, Evan Cranley on bass/guitar/trombone onto Amy Millan the guitarist/vocalist and as well for Pat McGee the drummer or Chris Seligman (keyboards, programming, french horn) daring the audiences to commencing their face to this direction where the tunes feeling free, the atmosphere looks easy to follow and the grooves seemed to amazingly, written by colors variety or happy girls skating the arena under the disco lights which No One Is Lost pronouncing the announcement that bursts out from the music club as well in sweet voices and music tunes and tracks of youthful joy and urban driving with friends or family after the summer’s end via You Keep Coming Up, This is The Last Time, From The Night, What is To Be Done, A Stranger or Are You Okay? Gives us the points of views to seeing life in such a simple way to achieved and goes on.

No One Is Lost: