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Tophat Only (Deep Eddy Records 2014)

Even the undead corpses like (The) Surf Zombies needing to have their own vacation too just like everyone else as The Ramones righty being their number one influences besides the non-temperamental and having fun scenery of beaches boys and girls and rocking Surf music as this blending sounds onto Rockabilly/instrumental beats/Hard Rock in all original hot rod horrors themes recorded by guitarist Brook Hoover, guitarist Ian Williams, bassist Trevor Treiber, drummer Tyler Russell and guitarist Luke Ferguson – playing their hard hitting of a great variety groovy dance music to you and the babes and those drinks of tropical fruit-mix and alcohols needed to ordering again, dudes.

Hailed from (uhm?) Iowa but never mind the gap of miles distance cause the band’s struggling fights against the living dead attacks to the stage via It’s a… Thing! still can reveals some of the tracks on delighted regular weekend minus the zombies on enjoying these Candyass, Martian Beach, Mako Shark, Samurai Shakedown onto Green Sticky and The Creeper may causing this fourth albums taps your long lost memories about the round-about of the sixties and the early seventies romantic stories turning to tragic disaster on the movies just compared to this. 

It's A... Thing: