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Ton Of Never (Perris Records 2005)

   Beautiful Creatures are bunch of rockers whom already not being famous through their optional experiences before on the previous bands or after some another project but within this one; Timmy Russell to Kenny Kweens on bass guitars or Mark Simpson the six-strings leader or Anthony Focx as well as Joe Leste over the vocals currently forming the group and luckily, gets some further attentions from those ears whom fanatic to listening for Hair Metal, Glam Metal or LA Rock through Hard Rock and Black Jack ace taken off the recording albums number two – Deuce.

   Nothing left ot say a lot more to argue but these straight and ready to rock themes and skills as Star Cross, Freedom, Save Me, Empty, The Unknown or I Still Miss You and Superfly put the grocery store opens for the world to try and liking the simple metallic Pop tunes under the Rock genre as the drawn of this card leads you to win over the gambling lives as thus solos slicing in or the mid-tempo drumming may struck you harder alike the first time having Buckcherry tracks design to be the controversial results to the radio stations again.