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Today So On (Rough Trade 1986)

The Woodentops is a Rock band representing the good parts of city of London for its modern era music gifts as these foursome formation of Rock n’ Roll and Pub-Rock and popular sounds catchy to party and sing-along dancing by Benny Staples, Frank De Freitas, Rolo and Simon Mawby or Anne Stephenson on their releasing record here countable as the second albums called Giant; suits into the dreamland toys for children loving background and realm which cursing into red skies atmosphere for The Woodentops to go on and finishing the journey to turning back the conditions as natural as possible through good tracks listing here on Giant.

Love Train, Hear Me James, Give It Time, Love Affair with Everyday Livin’ as well as Travelling Man or Everything Breaks pulls the combination of New Wave meets Indie Pop and distinctive old 80’s vocals because it is the brand as History Shout to Get It On and wins over the magic spells – get rid of the bad witch and preserving things as it used to be before the era’s ended.