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To Playact Static (Century Media 2009)

   Santa Cruz, California’s Death-Core unit comprising for six-piece metallic-heads musician like Arthur Alvarez, Remi Rodberg, Cameron Reed, Garin Rosen onto Nick Cardenelli and Patrick Mason describing the creative threats for the land of nowhere as the opening of mouth entrance in Portals inside the steps to the mountain-like creature rot in serving the mother nature as a guard and worship-basilica building being established on the top of its head shaken by the hardest attempts on metallic Heavy Metal’s New School genre of music mixing with Grindcore and experimental tuning blasted like earthquakes over the performance of the band – Arsonists Get All The Girls cranking the fusion of Progressive extremities and high techniques plays through the six-strings, effects of distortion and lead solos onto the terrible pedals of gomorrah doomsday practice bringing the themes of daily violence, wisdom signals and lyrics telling you about the mankind specialist to build and destroying their own home town or simply, the environmentalist issues around the mystic and dark background been told through The 42nd Ego, In The Empyreans, Saturnine, Skiff For The Suits or Violence in Fluid Triceratops as well for Lost My Loss of Ruin will given the rest topic off while the crushing music on your amplifiers tells you to find a way by climbing up finding the secret gate there.