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Time Of Trouble (Relapse Records 2011)

   Italo-Disco or Space Music surprising gift from A.E Paterra and Steve Moore is those two responsible for the reality blurring and imaginative tension towards how everyone still having in thoughts about DeLorean flying car and McFly tries to catching those nude women running like ghostly angels to the open air means hallucination is in a high alert level here for Escape Velocity recording album by duet of Zombi – as this Pittsburgh’s stirring melodies of cadences in horrors, Italian suspense scoring, dancey to reflecting but mostly haunting your ears and minds with eroticism or disgusting productions as sweeping synth-sequences and pulsing celestial music might hypnotizing you as the drumming plays erupted in good mood. Instrumentals, Krautrock, Ambient-Progressive Rock to Space Rock Synthesizers giving the pops out of Shrunken Heads and Slow Oscillations or DE3 encoding your fearful deepest scares with no breaks to step on to.

Escape Velocity: