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Tiger’s Tooth (Bandcamp 2016)

   Neo-Soul five piece unit with the more Alternative edgy popular sounds to share in wishes as the loving feelings for this mini album digitally or original as well as the artwork by Eamonn Moriarty-Gray and of course, the highlights of the band’s gifted track-listed by four and being performed through percussionist Seb Antoine, bassist Brayden Smith, guitar/synth player Kyle Muir, guitarist Lachlan Leeds and Kaitlyn Secker on lead vocals really gives these Melbourne, Australia sophisticated sounding for smoother, chills vibing, atmosphere that goes on to hypnotics as well as delivers of spices and beats for everything you need to know for attracting the audience for listening Cacartu’s self-titled that breaks the silence via Jeff The Chef, Thin Ice and Blacksnake. 

Right from inside the crowded womb –like phone-booth with friends in Macedon Ranges …