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This Time (Company Records 2018)

   Hannah Van Loon is the local multi-instrumentalist in her surface levels; reflective to dreamy describing by the hazy lazy Sundays (album) afternoon breeze falling onto your backyard in form of musical softened sweet distorting and third party-listening making a Classical Bluegrass and Jazz don’t mean a thing anymore but an unfocused experience while the girl herself proclaiming a new figure towards this Tanukichan results for a slice Dream-Pop combination a laid-back atmosphere sonically, paradoxical and layered as Hannah playing most of the musical instruments by herself as you only could fallen even more loving upon her perspective and culminating above pummel synths and toning guitars; hums that sounded beautiful portraying the female intuitive of her own as natural sunlight and realization yearning for windows encapsulated completely a nostalgic slight on life doing The Best as a person which echoes and whispering via Hunned Bandz, The Blue Sky, Perfect, Bitter Medicine and further stories completing the crust of the planet orbiting our unique and surprising stories about love or life.