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Third Quarter (Self-Released 2018)

   Alternative Grunge-Rock and Indie Stoner based track-making written by oneself and the crew with high talents of performance freaking good is the aiming sessions from vocalist and guitar player Redro Rodriguez with his friends: guitarist/vocalist Adam Cole, Neil Wilkinson on guitars/vocals, bass player Mike “Soothing Dick” Findlay and drummer and percussionist Danny Leo playing awesome rocks as this Melbourne, Australia’s Redro Rodriguez & His Inner Demons releasing their album with all the members wearing blue jeans trademarking for Denim Daddy. 

   See if you too shall like to having them rocking the stereo system as they brought images for nine track-listing on the record will be sounded like an independent Badass for four minutes and twenty-four seconds or Transition goes pounding with Deadbeat Dad and Total Snoozeville and Fire Me At The Sun reminding us for the central Midwestern Alternative Blues-Rock music groups whose ruling most of the nineties era after the real Grunge troops turning to superstars. Salute rockers !

Denim Daddy: