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Theory Divine (Not On Label 2018)

   All-female good-looking but further more will definitely becoming your favorite newcomers kind of group as international collaborating of Death Metal melodic and Metal-core brought their vocals and heavy-hitting riffs power connecting the US and France within the figures like the similarity extreme-like backgrounds of Heavy Metal from Emily Moss, Amy Zion and Stephanie Nolf as making this self-made first recording a dream come true and of course, metallic blasting via Symphonic Death Metal album entitled Resurgence From Oblivion as Ashes Arise roaring their way and growling to scares your ears out a bit which mostly, shall the audiences fascinating to the high techniques and the delivering shifts of force slamming as well pounding the planet where metal-heads lived to worshiping the risen flaming evil like the sisters ritual – opening the dark clouds or scattered within Fate, The Countess, Sleepwalker, Tornado of Devastation and further more on Unleashed or Summoner.

A must have album before doomsday ! 

Resurgence From Oblivion: